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Thursday, May 30, 2013

1)Sports banquet tonight (they consider Speech, Drama and Debate a sport here) Crazy, crazy speaker not sure what he was even talking about.  But it made me smile.  Of course the guy, speechies are hard to give speeches to.  I think the sports people appreciated him though.  Not so thankful for the banquet tonight, or the rugby one last night (I  am not rah rah sporty enough) , but thankful for what it means, it means that my kids are healthy and involved.

2)Almost done writing my last unit.  I know that some people in our lives think that we are crazy for giving so much unpaid time to Scouting, however I have seen first hand the difference it has made in many people's lives.  Boys, leaders and families.  It has been an honour to be involved in writing part of the new program. 

3)Tonight at the sports banquet we won a gift cert. for a large pizza and a dairy queen ice cream cake.  Yum.  We are going to use the pizza to feed the missionaries tomorrow, and we ate the cake for dessert tonight....YUM!

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